The New, Open and Modular Platform for Research in Autonomous Robots

The fascinating field of autonomous robots is becoming a major technological driving force for the future. A synergy must be developed between its mechanics, electronics and software. The biologically inspired robot must also include elements of intelligent perception and interaction with the surrounding physical environment through its multitude of sensors and actuators.

The new, ready-to-program, autonomous four-legged robot presented on this website offers a large variety of unique opportunities to share the fascination for this field and to participate in its challenges.

The new robot
  • Researchers will discover in its standard version a compact and affordable robot which offers many new research opportunities in active perception and sensor-guided motion and interaction. Due to its open and modular design, the robot can easily be customized to individual research needs with special sensors, additional computing power or modified legs amongst others.
  • Teachers will find an affordable robot platform which can easily be adopted for practical exercises in introductory or advanced courses on robotics, embedded systems or artificial intelligence.
  • Students of computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and mechatronics will appreciate its open hardware and software design and high performance.
  • Hobbyists will have an interesting robot for which a growing number of open software applications will be available (for example, teleoperating the robot walking through your home from a PC while viewing the images from the robot's head camera).

All users of the robot will be able to share their excitement, experience and own developed robot software within a dedicated user's forum.